Her experience in the liquor industry paved way for the creation of Miss Caipi, her life-long dream of serving others the deliciousness of Brazilian cocktails. Miss Caipi targets consumers interested in event planning and most importantly, the homes of those individuals who delight in cocktail-making. Miss Caipi promotes healthy consumption as her drinks are all natural, non-artificial, and low in sugar. Along with healthy consumption, Miss Caipi uniquely combines spirits such as Vodka, Sake, Bourbon, which gives her drinks a little Brazilian kick to the mix.


To guarantee the best Brazilian cocktails New York has to offer, look no further than Miss Caipi. Miss Caipi is a great host to have and an excellent mentor when learning to perfect Brazilian mixology. As she continues on this journey of cocktail making, she will be more than happy to share with you the newest drinks and to serve your needs whenever you need a cocktail host.